flock of birds.jpg

Follow, lead, wait


move as a group

Watching large groups in nature organize and move, together, as a group, a herd, a swarm, a kinesthetic dialogue is taking place.  Awareness of self and others is fundamental.

To be a part of a flock is to sense your self and to sense the group all at the same time. Sensing when you must fly with the group, when you must follow and when you must lead. Flocking is a way to play together with the intention of moving as a group.

Flocking is done in bare feet and is best when the clothing everyone wears is free of pattern and logos and if possible all the same or similar colors and tones to enhance the unified movement shape of the group.

Flocking workshops are announced on this page. For more information about my mentor and the inspiration for my Flocking workshops, visit my page dedicated to Barbara Mettler, the founder of this form of non choreographed improvisational play 

To flock, one needs to simply come prepared and open to notice and sense your own body, to sense and be aware of other bodies around you, and to become more deeply connected to a sense of group sensation and group body through group movement. Whether you come with previous dance or movement experience, or as a beginner, or physically challenged all are welcome. 

Flocking is for every body.