Flow ~Handmade Adornment for Body + Home 

flow news.jpg

In 2010 I and a group of other artists/makers, many working in close proximity in renovated classroom studios in the Marshall High Studios on the island in the French Broad River in Marshall NC, collaborated to co create a local venue for our own work as well as the work of fellow regional craftspeople. The store/gallery has grown since it's humble beginnings and now represents over 50 regional artists works. 

The store is in Historic Downtown Marshall on Main St in a beautifully renovated space we were exceptionally lucky to inherit.  Woodworker craftsman Lee Walker originally finished the space as Firewalker Gallery, featuring his original furniture and cabinetry plus additional artist's fine art paintings and other crafts by regional craftspeople.   

The gallery below gives a sampling of the unique architectural details of the building along with the unique display style of our store, and I have included pictures of my clothing collections and fabric creations on display.