Residential Design, Consulting + Collaboration

The Gallery below represents the finish work I have specified in residential design as a consultant as well as a collaborator. 

The Nauhaus was a first in the nation, one of a kind experiment between an engineer, green builder, master builder, and myself as aesthetic lead for schematic design, overall style and finish specifications.  

Additional images of tile bathroom designs as well as some tile mosaics. 

The cottage for the book Building Green was co designed with the author. I also designed the bottle glass patterns and motifs in the front, cobbe wall, the living roof/patio as well as all the color specification inside and out. 


Nearly 20 years ago now I had the experience of designing and building my own home, co creating a community with partners, designing and planting an acre of outdoor rooms and gardens and helping to design and build a small building for a book called Building Green. Partnering to design, produce, finish and co-author a furniture design book Building Storage With Style

I have created the schematic designs for several green or green leaning homes in the region, and have developed a method of developing a floor plan that is very personalized. I enjoy helping others see their designs realized.